About us

Anyone who loves old materials will undoubtedly find what they are looking for here.

Vanhaelemeesch started selling old building materials in 1928.
It originally tore down mills whose wood went to furniture manufacturers or was used for renovations. The step from mills to houses was small and after WW II Vanhaelemeesch started selling fireplaces, floors, beams, gates, etc. for restoration throughout Belgium.

Scale increase
The second generation took over in 1958. Robert Vanhaelemeesch continued the tradition, confirmed the company’s good reputation and started working on a larger scale. The total stock, production and showroom area increased over the years, resulting in one of the largest selections of historic building material that can be found in Belgium: three hangars with fireplaces (always over 400 in stock), three open sheds with –among others- garden ornaments, bluestone feeders, entrance gates and fences, workshops for the restoration and sawing of old wooden floors, a hangar with beams, etc.

Third generation
The children of Robert, Katrien and Jan Vanhaelemeesch ensured that the range increasingly expanded, but also started emphasising the processing and movement of old material.
Over the years, there was a decrease of the purchase of large building ornaments, major farm-style house construction also dropped and villa-type houses began to gain popularity. The emphasis came to lie on the sale and placement of wooden floors, monumental and rural fireplaces, antique staircases and window frames, etc.

Wide range
The range is now more oriented towards private individuals: anyone who loves old materials will undoubtedly find what they are looking for here.

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